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Wheel bearings can need replaced for a number of reasons, the most common being normal wear. If there is a loud metal to metal noise while driving, it's likely that the bearing has failed. A simple way to check your bearing is to lift the wheel off the ground and try to move the tire back and forth, by pushing the top and bottom of the tire in. If there is play, this commonly means the wheel bearing has failed.

Product Nr: 110 508 
fitting position: front axle left and right
wheel bearing integrated in wheel hub
wheel rim hole quantity: 5
bolt circle diameter: 100 mm
includes nut

Compatible with OEM numbers;
Audi 6C0 407 621
Audi 6Q0 407 621AC
Audi 6Q0 407 621AD
Audi 6Q0 407 621AH
Audi 6Q0 407 621AJ
Audi 6Q0 407 621BE
Audi 6Q0 407 621BR
Audi 6Q0 407 621BT
Audi 6Q0 407 621C
Audi 6Q0 407 621H
Seat 6Q0 407 621AJ
Seat 6Q0 407 621BE
Seat 6Q0 407 621BR
Seat 6Q0 407 621BT
Seat 6Q0 407 621C
Seat 6Q0 407 621H
Seat 6Q0 407 621R
Seat 6Q0 407 621S
Skoda 6R0 407 621A
Skoda 6R0 407 621E
VW 6C0 407 621
VW 6Q0 407 621AC
VW 6Q0 407 621AD
VW 6Q0 407 621AH
VW 6Q0 407 621AJ
VW 6Q0 407 621BE
VW 6Q0 407 621BR
VW 6Q0 407 621BT
VW 6Q0 407 621C
VW 6Q0 407 621C
VW 6Q0 407 621H
VW 6Q0 407 621R
VW 6Q0 407 621S
VW 6R0 407 621A
VW 6R0 407 621E