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Unitronic sale is now live !
Unitronic sale is now live !

WATER PUMP | 4.2 V8 | 077121004P


The water pump in your vehicle keeps all that coolant flowing freely. If it begins to fail, overheating problems are inevitable. Don't take a chance on doing damage to engine internals by not replacing your water pump. If your pump stops working, coolant temperatures can rise rapidly and overheat the engine, leading to head gasket or even piston ring failure. This is a great preventative maintenance item.

During your water pump change, coolant loss is inevitable. Be sure to browse the Oil & Additive section to get the proper replacement fluid sent directly to your door.

Product Nr: 112 924
with seal

Compatible with OEM numbers:
Audi 077 121 004M
Audi 077 121 004MV
Audi 077 121 004MX
Audi 077 121 004N
Audi 077 121 004NV
Audi 077 121 004NX
Audi 077 121 004P
Audi 077 121 004PV
Audi 077 121 004PX
VW 077 121 004M
VW 077 121 004MV

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