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Can’t find the part you're after? Get in touch with our team of experts HERE
Can’t find the part you're after? Get in touch with our team of experts HERE


This product is ready to order. Orders will have an estimated 2-week lead time.

Get the ulitmate in VAG diagnostic software today! 


  • Plugs directly into 1996 through current model year cars; works with all diagnostic-capable VW/Audi cars, even the latest models which require a direct CAN connection and use the UDS/ODX protocol.
  • Acts as a “dongle” — Activation for the full-function version of VCDS and for VCDS-Mobile is built in. Use the HEX-NET with VCDS on a Windows PC or with VCDS-Mobile on almost any smart device, no activation codes required.
  • Functions like a factory diagnostic tool – Function Chart
  • Includes vehicle diagnosis support via our forum.

    * Does not include Routan

  • Includes a detachable 2m long USB A to USB B screw locking wire

System Requirements:

Before you purchase this product, please read the HEX-NET FAQ and the VCDS-Mobile FAQ so that you understand this product, what's required to use it, and what its limitations are. We will not be amused if you buy it and then complain that you weren't aware of something that's in those FAQs!

Product Support:

The HEX-NET is fully supported via e-mail or over the phone as a USB interface for VCDS.

Support for WiFi configuration and VCDS-Mobile are provided via our Support Forum, in English only.

If you are unwilling or unable to participate in our forum in English, you should not buy this product from Ross-Tech. Contact the local distributor in your own language. Alternative language distributors are listed in the menu bar in the left hand column of this page. All other distributors are listed on our Distributors List.

Register for the Ross-Tech Support Forum today. You may use your order number instead of an interface serial number to become a 'Verified Member'.

Please Note:

No software or printed documentation is shipped with this product. Software and documentation must be downloaded from the Ross-Tech web site.