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Save 10% or $140 + on New UNITRONIC ECU and TCU Tunes*
Save 10% or $140 + on New UNITRONIC ECU and TCU Tunes*



This bush features a CNC machined Stainless Steel sleeve with an offset bore that can be rotated using our bespoke tooling (supplied), giving +/- 0.5 degrees of on-car camber adjustment.

Adjusting the camber angle allows you to find the "sweet spot" for keeping the wheels planted in turns and under acceleration as well as managing tire wear.  This angle is not really adjustable from the factory, so this kit makes it easy to do so.

Kit includes:

  • Adjustable Black Series Polyurethane Control Arm Front Bushing (x2)

These bolt up in place of your factory units.  Not only do they look great, but they will help keep a smile on your face as your vehicle's performance in turns is increased substantially.

Control arm bushings play a key role in connecting the wheels to the chassis of the vehicle. Rubber bushings are used from the factory to create a balance between a comfortable, noise free ride and racecar-like performance and handling.

These polyurethane Powerflex control arm bushings are engineered to perform. They offer a supreme level of control, while still providing enough comfort for the everyday drive. Expect improved steering feel, response, and overall improved chassis composure with Powerflex performance polyurethane control arm bushings.

Powerflex is the number one selling suspension bushing manufacturer in Europe. Their experience with polyurethane bushing material and state-of-the art manufacturing techniques allows them to produce premium performance bushings, made to exact-fit standards. Powerflex performance polyurethane bushings are built to last longer than OEM rubber bushings, while improving performance and allowing for a more engaging driving experience.

Use of Powerflex Copper Grease PCG1 is recommended for ease of installation. Periodic reapplication is recommended to extend squeak-free service life of bushings.

Powerflex street bushings are ideal for street driven vehicles and those that see occasional autocross or track time. Need bushings for a dedicated track car? Powerflex Black Series bushings are the ultimate in track and race bushings. Featuring 95A durometer polyurethane, Black Series bushings are 25% stiffer that street bushings.Powerflex is proud to offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser on all products.

Powerflex is proud to offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser on all products.

Product Nr: PFF85-501G

Compatible with OEM numbers:
5Q0 407 182