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Make windscreen visibility a top priority with Luxxio’s Windscreen Wiper Solution.

Our formula works fast to break down and remove oil, bug and residue that builds up on your windshield, increasing visibility for a safer drive.

*Included is an anti-ageing agent to prolong the life of your wiper blades.


  • Breaks down and removes Oil, Bug and Dirt.
  • Contains anti-ageing agent to Prolong the Life of your Wipers.
  • Safe on all Surfaces
  • pH Neutral / Biodegradable
  • Concentrated solution, dilute at 1:50, 50ML for an average 5L tank.

1. Empty wiper tank
2. Add 50ml of Solution to wiper tank.
3. Fill wiper tank with water to max level.

*Use filtered water to reduce contaminants.