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Save 10% or $140 + on New UNITRONIC ECU and TCU Tunes*
Save 10% or $140 + on New UNITRONIC ECU and TCU Tunes*



Luxxio’s Luxury Wash provides an effective and satisfying result with every wash. Designed with a lubricating agent, our formula gets beneath the dirt particles, safely lifting away any resistant dirt and grime from the paint. This greatly reduces scratching during the car wash process. An anti-static agent is also included to reduce future dirt build up.

For use on Cars, Bikes, Trucks and Motorhomes.

50ml Per Wash; Diluted to 5 Litre bucket, concentration can change based on dirt level of vehicle

Rapid Penetration
Removes Dirt & Grime
Foam Gun + Water Blaster Compatible
Safe on all Exterior Surfaces
Biodegradable / pH Neutral
Anti-Static Agent
Safe for use on all vehicle types; Motorbike, Trucks, Motorhomes, boat etc
Ensure vehicle is cool to the touch and in shade.

1. Rinse car to remove excess dirt and grime.
2. Mix 50ML of contents into a 5L bucket of water.
3. Wash car in sections using a wash mitt or microfibre towel.
4. Rinse car after washing each section.

Hint: To prevent water spotting, wipe away water with a drying towel or chamois.

Alternative Wash Methods
– Use a filtered water system to increase water purity and reduce contaminants drying on the vehicle.
– Using a low-pressure water blaster is recommended for pre and post-rinsing.
– Adjust the Water to Formula Ratio as needed to break down tougher or lighter car grime.
– Two bucket technique with Dirt Grills recommended. One bucket for Wheels and one for paint.

Follow Up:
Apply Luxxio’s ‘Speedy Coating’ for amazing water beading and UV protection.