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Can’t find the part you're after? Get in touch with our team of experts HERE
Can’t find the part you're after? Get in touch with our team of experts HERE

IE MQB TIGUAN 2.0T Gen3B Sheet Metal Intake Kit


IE's cold air intake system takes your unassuming SUV and turns it into a fun a sporty driver’s car. Uniquely engineered with true motorsport racing design features and industry-leading design software, the result is a true performance intake system that brings sophisticated sound and power to your 2.0T Gen 3 Tiguan.

Demanding more power and sound from a turbo engine requires more airflow in return. The factory airbox is manufactured to dampen all engine noise which means adding power-killing flow restrictions. Upgrading your VW Tiguan's EA888 gen 3 2.0L turbocharged engine with an IE Cold Air Intake completely removes all factory flow restrictions allowing your turbo and engine to breathe free and make unrestricted power!

To deliver the most performance from your investment, IE's engineers have thrown out the factory intake box and small plastic piping designs in favor of flow-optimized and true motorsport design features. Utilizing advanced engineering techniques and industry-leading manufacturing processes, your new intake design utilizes full advantage of all available space for a full-width ram air inlet, 5" air filter, and integrate velocity stack to maximize airflow. This optimized design results in +16 CFM at -30IN/H20 increase in flow over stock!


Designing a truly maximized intake design is limited mainly by the constraints of the factory engine bay. To completely utilize all available space, 3D scans were taken of the engine bay, front bumper, hood, and the entire front clip building an exact digital replica to work in. The result is a beautifully crafted aftermarket intake design that sits perfectly in place at looks entirely at home in the factory engine bay.

The built-in velocity stack is a true motorsport design feature like that used in professional motorsport racing. The bellmouth shape is incredibly efficient at channeling the mass amounts of airflow coming through the 5" air filter's surface area and smoothly transferring it down to the intake piping with very low amounts of drag or power-robbing turbulence.

The majority of our intake is an aluminum alloy heat shield that spans the entire length of the front clip. This feature takes advantage of outside high-pressure air getting shoved through the front grill and channels this fresh air directly to the integrated velocity stack and air filter while effectively sealing off hot engine bay air.

Install your new intake kit without any permanent modifications or installation hassles. The install process is straightforward and can be done with basic tools.

Install time around 1 hour

From the outside, your Tiguan may look like a luxury cross-over, but underneath that shell, it contains the same MQB platform and 2.0L turbocharged EA888.3 power plant as the popular MK7 GTI. Adding the IE intake system unleashes the same exciting turbo spool, engine note, and turbo relief sounds found on the sporty Golf. These sounds unique to our velocity stack intake design will make you feel like you’re carving canyons in a hot hatch. Guaranteed to put an instant smile on your face every time you lay into the throttle.

This intake has been obsessively engineered to deliver a quality finish, effortless install process, maximized performance, addictive sound, reliability, and above all -fun. We believe this design excels on all marks as the ultimate intake solution for your SUV.  

  • Black powder coat aluminum heatshield
  • Factory style mounting
  • Stainless hardware
  • Multi-ply silicone with stop-flat edges
  • High-quality clamps
  • Stainless laser-etched logo plate
  • 5" pleated cotton filter