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Save $$$$ on IE Hardware while stocks last
Save $$$$ on IE Hardware while stocks last

IE DL501 DSG Tune | Fits Audi C7/C7.5 S6 & S7



The IE DSG Tune for your Audi C7/C7.5 S6 or S7 4.0T delivers increased power, higher RPM limit, faster shifts, optimized shift points, improved launch control and additional transmission performance features when paired with the matching ECU tune. Acceleration times will greatly improve turning your tuned 4.0T V8 into a fully rounded performance monster.



IE's S6 & S7 4.0T Tune is a fully realized performance calibration that delivers unmatched power figures. Without a DSG tune, the torque output from Stage 1 and above exceeds the transmission torque limit and will slip the clutch packs. Furthermore, the TCU upgrade modifies the RPM limit, shift points, throttle maps, launch control functions, paddle response, and temperature management to fully match the new ECU calibration. As a result, horsepower and torque levels are massively raised and acceleration is greatly improved to create a complete ECU & DSG performance package.


  • Performance matched calibration for all IE 4.0T ECU tunes
  • Increases torque limits and clutch pressure for tune gains
  • Optimized shift points for fastest acceleration in drive & sport
  • Lightening-fast shift times
  • Removes first gear lockout when downshifting
  • Faster paddle response times in manual shifting mode
  • Optimized launch control RPM to control tire spinning
  • Gear hunting is greatly reduced
  • Temperature protection optimized for safety
  • Direct port OBDII at-home flashing

IE DSG TCU Tune requires a matching engine ECU Tune. Do not install on stock engine software.


The IE DSG Tune remaps the shift points RPM limits and optimized gear by gear for the fastest possible acceleration. From launch and through every gear the DSG will shift at the optimal points to carry the car through each gear as quickly as possible. This will guarantee the fastest shift points on the road, track, or drag strip with incredible improvements in acceleration and G's. These optimized shift points take place when in Drive mode or Sport Mode, when in manual paddle shift mode the transmission limit remains 6800 RPM in all gears leaving full manual control over the shift points.


1st Gear

6800 RPM

2nd Gear

6400 RPM

3rd Gear

6000 RPM

4th Gear

5800 RPM

5th Gear

5600 RPM

6th Gear

5300 RPM


IE’s S6 & S7 DSG tunes are all-inclusive without any unnecessary upgrades or additional charges for future ECU Tune upgrades. All features and optimizations are included for any level of hardware or performance stage, one cost and you are covered for all and any future upgrades.


DSG launch control has been completely reworked to deliver chest pounding launches from a stop. The factory delay felt when releasing the brake pedal is greatly reduced for a faster reaction time. 3 different launch RPMs are included with your DSG Tune so you can dial in the fastest launch for your setup and conditions. With the proper launch RPM set in your TCU, you can launch to the moon knowing your tires will put down the maximum power needed for the fastest launch.