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Can’t find the part you're after? Get in touch with our team of experts HERE
Can’t find the part you're after? Get in touch with our team of experts HERE


by FK

Who does not know that: you are on the phone and want to quickly write down important information ... but there is no pen to be seen far and wide. With an FK pen holder this doesn't happen so easily anymore! The practical containers made of real lowering springs offer you an absolutely extraordinary storage option for your pens at a mercilessly low price! Thanks to the unique motorsport design, a pen box from FK is guaranteed to attract envious looks from your colleagues in the office. Get that racing car feeling at your desk! But not only to declare war on the clutter on your desk, the FK pen box also proves to be a useful helper in the kitchen: Do you want your cutlery to be neatly sorted and ready to hand in its place? The FK pen holders are ready for any use! Thanks to the use of robust materials and the high-quality galvanization, the little order keepers withstand the most extreme loads and can also be used in harsh environments such as your workshop, for example as a container for wrenches. So that everything has its place and you can concentrate on the essentials. The attractive organizer in a sporty outfit are an absolute must-have for every screwdriver household, where appearance and functionality are the same!


  • - perfect order on your desk in the office, in your kitchen or workshop
  • - Absolute eye-catcher due to the sporty motor type design
  • - no more searching
  • - attractive storage option
  • - versatile as a pen holder, cutlery holder, ...
  • - First class quality for a long service life
  • - High quality galvanizing to protect against corrosion
  • - high quality workmanship
  • - New and original packaging
  • - Immediately available