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Product Information

A 14" long 16mm socket used to reach spark plugs easily deep inside most BMW cylinder heads

Replacing spark plugs should be part of your BMW's regular service intervals. With that said spark plugs are located deep down inside the cylinder head and require special sockets for removal. Most spark plug sockets are standard length, except for this one.

Using extensions on spark plug sockets is not ideal and can cause issues in terms of removal and reinstallation. This one piece unit from CTA measures in at 14" and features a 5/8" or 16mm 6 point spark plug socket.


  • Extra long spark plug for hard-to-reach plugs
  • Features internal magnet to hold spark plug
  • Knurled end
  • 3/8" square drive
  • Chrome plate finish

About CTA Manufacturing

CTA Manufacturing Corp. started in 1978 with a few specialty tools and a lot of great ideas. After spending over 25 years setting up worldwide distribution for the biggest names in the business, the founders of CTA decided to take some of their own ideas to market. Originally named "Classic American Tools", the company expanded from manufacturing about 20 Specialty Tools to over 1000 tools under the CTA name today. Factories are located worldwide, manufacturing Specialty Tools to meet the demands of today’s technicians.