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Save $$$$ on IE Hardware while stocks last
Save $$$$ on IE Hardware while stocks last

Bull-X Tronic Valve Control - valve control via app


Control your electric OEM flaps according to your wishes via app.

You can choose between the following modes:
 Series: The flaps behave as they do in the factory.
 Open: The flaps are permanently open.
 Closed: The flaps are permanently closed (with a protective function that automatically opens when the throttle position is over 70% or the speed is over 4500 rpm).

You can also choose between the modes using the ESP button (press four times) without having to use the app.

The app also shows the following data at a glance:
 flap position (open / closed)
engine speed
accelerator pedal position in %
actual vehicle speed

Scope of delivery:
 Bull-X Tronic Can-Bus Bluetooth module
 Vehicle-specific cable set Plug & Play


*Special order item - please allow 2 week lead time - non returnable