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The latest generation Audi / VW EA888.3 engine, a turbo power plant that replaces the 2.5L normally aspirated 5-cylinder engine in the Golf, and the 2.0TSI engine in the GTI, Audi A3 and S3.

The VW 2.5L and 2.0T begged for replacement, and the EA888.3 answered the call with turbo power, more revs and increased torque. The VWR R600 is a performance mod you can make to the EA888.3 right now at a cold air intake price that’s right.

Sophisticated Cold Air Induction

USP Motorsports doesn’t think there’s a more sophisticated cold air intake in the world then the VWR R600. Don’t be fooled by the intake’s stock appearance. With a cover made from the same polymer composite and with the same finish as the stock engine cover, it blends right in. But it is vastly bigger inside, allowing it to be light years ahead of a stock air box underneath that cover.

Inside, the VWR R600 boasts:

  • Enlarged High-Flow TriFoam air filter
  • Increased surface areaImproved dust capacity
  • Lower restriction, meaning more air flow than with a stock filter
  • Cooler air to maximize efficiency and power

Cooler Intake

The increased capacity, larger surface area and freer flow spell higher performance at every level from this cold air induction system, even from low revs. Cooler intake means hotter performance: Drivability improves, and torque increases throughout the rev range for more grunt whenever your right foot demands it.

If you plan engine mods as they become available — and of course you do — don’t worry: There’s plenty of headroom here, with VW Racing rating the R600 for up to a 600 bhp capacity in dual-application testing. This VW Racing intake is a perfect first mod for an EA888 mill.

Even the details of this intake are well-thought out. Fitment is easy and reliable because the fittings use factory mounting methods. And there’s a drain plug connection.