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Save 10% or $140 + on New UNITRONIC ECU and TCU Tunes*
Save 10% or $140 + on New UNITRONIC ECU and TCU Tunes*


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Beautifully crafted from 304 Stainless Steel, the 3” bore mountune52 cat-back exhaust is the new standard in terms of quality, fitment, sound and performance for the GTI and Seat Leon Cupra platform, all packaged at an affordable price point.

The pressed rear silencer houses a complex series of chambers and Helmholtz resonators to ensure the cabin remains free of any boom or intrusion, whilst extensive testing has allowed our engineers to tune the audible output into something that will make you smile every time you hit the throttle pedal.

The crack from the DSG on gear change, or from hitting the limiter will become an addictive addition to your daily driving routine, whilst the beautiful hand-welded system not only fits perfectly, it also looks amazing too - we especially love the m52 logo pressed into the underside of the rear silencer!

Available in resonated form, with a choice of either a stainless steel or carbon fibre trim, you can customise your look plus, as well as all of the required installation hardware, the exhaust is also supplied with two sets of trim elbows to allow installation to either a Mk7 or Mk7.5 or Seat Leon Cupra and includes our new billet exhaust brace as standard, too.