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The Multipurpose Drying Towel now available at Luxxio!

Super Plush microfibre weave.

Ultra soft on all surfaces
Multi-purpose; Buff Wax, apply interior/exterior coatings and more.
Ultra Plush Piles for increased absorbency
Non-grip weave for easy washing
Large 80x80cm Size
Tap water contains chemicals and minerals that once dry, leave a nasty residue on your paint. This then slowly damages the clear coat as well as looking horrible. Using Luxxio Ultra Plush – Drying Towel after each wash will dramatically improve the final look of your vehicle.


Fold towel into quarter squares.
Holding the two front facing corners, pull the towel over the surface.
Flip and fold quarters as needed to expose new material to absorb water.
Ring out the towel as it becomes oversaturated.
After use, rinse in warm water and allow to dry under shade or cold/warm tumble dry.

Hand Washed: Towels are best hand washed if not dirty. Use warm water and work towel until any small amounts of dirt are gone. Dry in a well-ventilated spot under shade if possible.
Machine Wash: Use a cold or warm cycle, delicate, and a very small amount of liquid detergent. Do NOT use fabric softener, or towel will have reduced water absorbing properties.