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The Luxxio Headlight Restoration Kit contains a high-quality Polish Ball, that can be used on any standard cord or cordless drill, a 50ML Sachet that contains Plastic/Headlight compound that contains special properties for polishing clear plastic. Instructions are also included.


  • Grade: Light
  • Foam Design: German (Longer Lasting)
  • Diameter: 76mm / 3″
  • Attaches to: Standard Electric Drill *Use corded for more power when required.


  • Light Scratches
  • Light Oxidation
  • Light Hazing


Ensure headlight surrounding paint and trims are taped for protection. Ensure headlights are clean and cool to the touch.

  1. Securely fit polish ball into drill.
  2. Select clock-wise rotation and low speed on drill.
  3. Apply small even dabs of compound around polish ball.
  4. Place ball on the surface and begin rotation, start slow and increase speed as needed (300 up to 800 rpm) working the compound across the surface left to right then top to bottom ensure even polishing. Apply and reduce pressure as needed. Do not allow surface to become too hot to touch.
  5. Once polished and before drying, remove residue with microfiber cloth.