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Fluid Transfer Pump Dispenser Gallon Lubricant Liquid Oil Transmission Kit


High quality, Easy to use Use it for your Car , Truck , RV , Boat , & Motorcycle and Easy to use in daily life.

Fits standard quart containers.

24” long flexible tube for pumping fluids into tight and awkward places. Rigid suction tube that reaches to bottom of standard quart bottles.Two different lengths of Rigid suction tube,Can solve all problems.

Fluid transfer between containers, or from container to engine, cooling system, etc.

Dozens of uses including oil changes ,Water, siphoning gasoline , Antifreeze fluid ,etc.

Plunger pump conveniently screws in and locks down for storage.



Material: Plastic

Color: black & transparent

Weight: 180g


Package includes:

1 set x Fluid Transfer Pump Dispenser Kit